Danish statistical body has nicely formatted data on its site. I constructed a cholopleth chart with median household income by Danish kommune between 2000 – 2012. This income is after tax.

This map, surprizingly, supports some of the common tropes about Scandinavian countries.

  • No areas in Denmark with average income significantly less than nation average;
  • There was steady growth in household income in every kommune for all the years, except 2008;
  • Income decline in 2008 was especially sharp in the rich areas while the rest of Denmark it was relatively mild;
  • Household income varies little among kommunes, with exception of an area to the north of Denmark;
  • Danish wealthy leave almost exclusively in the area to the north of Copenhagen;

Data sources:

  1. INDKF32: Disponible familieindkomst efter kommune ,enhed, familietype og indkomstinterval

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