Real taxation rate of Danish households in 2000 — 12.

How much do Danish families actually pay as income tax? Is the tax rate different in different parts of the country?

Generating running route maps.

A post for people who can write code about how I generated images for my post about public runs from

Maps of running routes in European cities.

A popular fitness tracker contains plenty of public workouts. I scraped a small portion of these workouts and out them on a map of some European cities.

Median household income in Denmark in 2000 — 2012.

Danmark is one of the richer countries. But how rich exactly? What are rich and poor parts in Denmark? And last but not least: did Denmark grow richer steadily during last 12 years?

Foreigners in Denmark.

Historically Denmark had relatively low share of foreign-born residents. However this share increased during last 15 years. How many foreigners are living in Denmark now? Where in Denmark do they live?