Updated map of Danish household income

A while ago I posted a map of average yearly income in Danish municipalities. more...

Map of my runs

Since I run regularily and track most of my runs in Endomondo or Runkeeper, I thought it would be cool to put my running tracks on a map. more...

Mapping public workout tracks from Endomondo.

Map of public running and walking routes in Endomondo in Copenhagen, Barcelona and several other cities. more...

Running routes

A quick and dirty visualization of my runnig routes tracked with GPS tracking app Endomondo. more...

Foreigners in Denmark

Danish bureau of statistics has a nice dataset about foreign-born residents in Denmark. I took the latest dataset of foreign-born residents of Denmark by municipality. Dataset is from the first quarter of 2013.

There are a bit less than 375 thousand foreign-born people living in Denmark, 6.7% of its total population. ...continue

Disposable income and tax rates in Denmark

As a Nordic State, Denmark is famous for several things:

  1. Income is distributed more or less equally among its citizens,
  2. The tax rate is high.

I decided to check the actual data and see if it's true or not ..continue.